SLIM – UV Primer Gun


The Walcom SLIM UV PRIMER GUN saves hours in time with excellent transfer efficiency to save you material.

Body: nickel-plated polished aluminium
UV Grey pot & UV Air Cap cover
Aircap: nickle-plated brass
Nozzle: AISI 303 stainless steel
Needle & Spring, stainless steel
Seal gaskets: self lubricating & adjustable PTFE
Weight: 765 gram (27oz POM C)
Operating pressure: 29psi
Air consumption: 8cfm
Nozzle size: 1.0 or 1.2mm

Kit Contents:
SLIM UV – Primer Gun
Dial gauge & Air control unit
Pot 600cc (Grey UV)
UV Air Cap Cover
Service tool / spanner
15ml Gun oil
3x SLIM Gun filters
SLIM UV Rebuild kit
Cleaning brush
Tough Orange PP protective case

Walcom SLIM UV Primer Gun

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UV Primers are becoming common place in more paint shops. With faster turnaround times and less wastage shops are quickly adding UV cured primers into their work flow systems. Walcom Australia recognised UV technology as something big and here to stay some time ago and developed a UV Spray Gun to add to our professional range of spray guns. Until the release of the new Walcom UV Primer gun there were few guns out there and if a shop managed to find one it had a price tag well over $600. The Walcom UV primer gun is available in 1.0 or 1.2mm set up. Each UV gun comes with a grey UV Proof Pot and a handy UV Air Cap cover to prevent unwanted curing of any product in the gun. Suitable for use with any manufacturers brand of UV Primer.