For perfect reproduction of OEM finishes with super high transfer efficiency.

Body: forged & chrome plated aluminium
Aircap: high atomisation nickle-plated brass
Needle & Spring, stainless steel
Seal gaskets: self lubricating & adjustable PTFE
Weight: 725 gram (25.6oz)
Operating pressure: 29 ~ 36psi
Air consumption: 10.6~12cfm

Kit Contents:
HTE Genesi Topline Gun
Dial gauge & Air control unit
Genesi 600cc Pot
Service tool / spanner
15ml Gun oil
3x Genesi Topline in-pot filters
Genesi Topline HTE rebuild kit
Cleaning brush
Tough PP protective case

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Genesi HTE

The most popular system on the market for years, the Genesi HTE combines the atomization force typical of now obsolete conventional spray guns with the high transfer efficiency of an HVLP spray gun. Ideal spray gun for HS and VHS transparent, it is also recommended for bases. In fact, its balance in terms of flows and air distribution make it a versatile spray gun suited for all types of bodywork paints. The new Top Line version, with high atomization cap and new 12-hole nozzle distributor, have improved performance and efficiency, positioning it at the top of world performance.