Walcom Spray Gun Pots


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Walcom Spray Gun Pots and Cups, sometimes known in the industry as “paint cups,” are essential for achieving a seamless and consistent paint supply in your projects. These top-quality replacement components are integral to any high-standard spray painting setup. Especially in automotive, woodworking, and industrial applications. Designed for efficiency, Walcom spray gun pots enhance overall productivity by facilitating smoother operations and superior results.

Our range includes various sizes to cater to different needs: 75CC and 180CC pots are perfectly suited for our Mini Smart Touch-Up guns, while our full-size spray guns are compatible with 680CC pots and a robust 750CC aluminium pot. This variety ensures that you can find the exact fit for your specific equipment, enhancing versatility and convenience.

Crafted from durable materials, Walcom spray gun pots withstand the rigors of heavy use while maintaining a clean and efficient paint flow. This design reduces the likelihood of clogging and minimises maintenance time, significantly speeding up the painting process. The pots feature an innovative design that allows for quick screw on attachment and detachment, streamlining clean up to keep your workflow interruptions to a minimum.

The ergonomics of genuine Walcom Spray Gun Pots and Cups also significantly contribute to their functionality. They are designed to balance well with the spray gun, reducing hand fatigue and improving control. This ergonomic consideration ensures that operators can maintain precision in their work over extended periods, leading to consistently high-quality finishes.

Trust in our reliable Walcom solutions to keep your projects moving forward without interruption. Whether you are a professional painter looking to upgrade your equipment or a workshop manager in need of dependable tools for your team, investing in genuine Walcom spray guns and equipment is an excellent choice. They not only improve the efficiency of paint application but also contribute to the overall finishing quality of your projects, enhancing both productivity and satisfaction.

Moreover, Walcom also offers a range of PPS adaptors suitable for the full range of Walcom Spray Guns, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your painting needs.