Spray Gun Cleaning Machine


EASY Series Spray Gun Cleaners – the ultimate solution for panel shops and spraypainters who seek efficient and hassle-free spray gun cleaning. These top-notch cleaners are designed to be manually operated, making them the perfect choice for those looking to create a dedicated spray gun cleaning area. With 100% air operation and integrated air venturi fume extraction, these machines guarantee a professional and safe cleaning process.

The EASY Series comes with a built-in storage room in the cabinet, capable of holding 2x 20lt drums of gun wash. This practical feature ensures you have everything you need in one place, making it a complete stand-alone unit for any paint shop.

Walcom spray gun cleaners are your go-to option for easy and proper maintenance of your spray guns. They offer quick and efficient cleaning, while keeping you in complete control throughout the process. The 3 main controls of the Walcom EASY spray gun cleaner are:

  1. Recycled solvent for initial wash.
  2. Clean solvent for final rinsing or cleaning.
  3. Powerful clean solvent atomising jet, which delivers a focused jet of atomised solvent for blasting nozzles, air caps, and other intricate areas.

With an elegant Italian design and outstanding performance, you can trust in the quality and durability of these 100% Made in Italy spray gun cleaners. The unit dimensions of the Walcom EASY spray gun cleaner are W620 x D400 x H1400mm, ensuring it fits perfectly into your workspace.

Choose the EASY Series Spray Gun Cleaners for a seamless and efficient spray gun cleaning experience, and keep your equipment in top condition for flawless results.

Dimensions: H1440 x W620 x D360

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