The ultimate in transfer efficiency to save your paint shop thousands of dollars

Body: forged aluminium & carbon fibre
Aircap: high atomisation nickle-plated brass
Carbon fibre aircap ring
Needle & Spring, stainless steel
Seal gaskets: self lubricating & adjustable PTFE
Weight: 360 gram (12.7oz)
Full power Fwd & Rev.
Operating pressure: 26 ~ 29psi
Air consumption: 15cfm
Nozzle size: 1.3mm

Kit Contents:
GEO Carbon Graphite Gun
Digital gauge & Air control unit
360 Black Pot 600cc (very cool)
Service tool / spanner
15ml Gun oil
3x 360 Gun filters
360 GEO rebuild kit
Cleaning brush
Tough Black PP protective case

Balance, precision,Perfomance and up to a 30% reduction in material usage

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For over 15 years GEO has been the highest performance and most efficient HVLP spray gun system on the market. In fact, the patented GEO nozzle, thanks to its particular goblet shape, meets the stringent HVLP California ecology regulation nr. 1151 SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) and guarantees a peerless level of paint atomization, exploiting the double atomization principle: the first in the 6-hole nozzle goblet, the second outside the air cap. Thus it is an HVLP spray gun that can achieve excellent finish levels with all types of new generation bodywork paints and thus recommended for water (and solvent) bases and all types of transparent.

Base Coat Set-Up

Clear Coat Set-Up