ECODRY Light Blower


A revolutionary air drying equipment designed for lightweight and heatproof performance using insulating antistatic thermoplastic material.

– Easily Adjustable Choke/Air Spread: Achieve precise control by simply twisting the front anodized nozzle for optimal airflow distribution.Convenient
– Removable Filter: The stainless steel mesh filter can be easily cleaned and is securely held in place with an unbreakable Hi-Vis rubber ring.


The ECODRY Light sets a new standard for efficiency and user-friendliness as a water-based paint drying gun. By harnessing the power of the Venturi system, it boosts the emitted air volume by an impressive 15 times, drastically reducing drying times. The substantial airflow, coupled with heat drawn from the paint booth (utilizing 20% mains air and 80% recycled air), accelerates the evaporation of water residue to ensure speedy results.

Technical Specifications:
– Body Material: Nylon
– Blow Distance: 40-50cm from the surface
– Blowing Time: Follow paint manufacturer’s instructions
– Air Regulation: Equipped with an air inlet air flow regulator and adjustable fan choke
– Filter: Removable stainless steel mesh filter for easy cleaning, securely held with an unbreakable rubber ring
– Weight: 309g
– Working Pressure: 0.5 – 2.0 bar
– Air Consumption: 200 – 300 l/min
Experience unmatched performance and ease with the ECODRY Light – the ultimate choice for efficient paint drying in any application. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to faster, superior results!

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