AUSTUROMEC 6011 HTE Polyester Gun – 3.0mm



A high performance spray gun in terms of both fan, atomization, durability and reliability.
Italian made by WALMEC, this gun is an expression of an ideal spray gun for all sectors that require quality paint results associated with efficiency.
From bodyworks to woodworks, industry and crafts, the ASTUROMEC SEIMILA series is specifically designed to fully enhance the operator’s work.
This spray gun comes with a highly pulverising HT air cap and is built to resist aggression from all types of solvents.
The lack of gaskets, thanks to high precision mechanical processing, guarantees that highly desired durability appreciated by operators in the various reference sectors.

Body: polishedand treated aluminium
Aliminium 500CC Pot
HT Aircap: nickle-plated brass
Needle-Spring-Nozzle, stainless steel
Adjustable Fan and Material
Weight: 755 gram
Operating pressure: 2.5~3.0 bar
Air consumption: 180~220 l/min
Nozzle size: 3.0mm

Kit Contents:
Dial gauge & Air control unit
Aluminium Pot 500cc (Plastic Lid)

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