Walcom™ professional spray gun holder.

Keep your guns safe and ready to reach for with the WALCOM 360 MAGNETIC Spray Gun Holder.

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360 Magnetic Holder

The 360 Magnetic Holder features a striking translucent orange finish and offers a revolutionary approach to organising your spray gun and hose. This versatile support system is universally compatible with any spray gun, crafted from durable and flexible materials that include powerful rare-earth magnets. It provides superb resistance to solvents and robust holding strength. Attach your spray gun effortlessly to any booth wall magnetically, or opt for a fixed placement using regular screws. This holder ensures both convenience and reliability for your workspace.

Using a spray gun holder offers several benefits that enhance efficiency, safety, and organisation in a workspace. Firstly, it provides secure storage for spray guns, reducing the risk of damage and keeping the workspace tidy. This secure placement also minimises the chances of accidental spills or drips, which can compromise safety and require additional clean-up. Moreover, a holder ensures that spray guns are easily accessible, saving time and improving workflow efficiency. Additionally, by using a spray gun holder, you can extend the lifespan of your equipment by preventing unnecessary wear and tear. Overall, a spray gun holder is a practical investment for maintaining an organised, safe, and efficient working environment.