Air Regulators & Gauges (Carbon Digital)


Professional regulators and gauges designed to facilitate exceptional results, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and practicality, demonstrating that even the smallest of details and quality are important in producing quality work. Walcom™ understands that user feel and experience very much impact the quality and efficiency of work produced and is now the market leader in spray gun materials, performance and technology.

Choose a Swivel or Straight Carbon Fiber bodied Air Pressure Regulator or the ultimate in performance the Composite bodied MR-DGT Diaphragm Air Pressure Regulator for fluctuation-free airflow.
Coupled with the Carbon Fiber Bodied 360 DGT Digital Gauge #90181/W you have an unmatched piece of high-performance Italian beauty & strength.
The digital gauge can easily switch between PSI, BAR, KG/CM² or kPa

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MR-DGT Diaphragm Air Regulator & Digital Gauge – Straight

The ultimate in spray gun performance. Diaphragm technology compensates for air pressure fluctuations caused by cycling air compressors and other users on the same system.
Suitable for all Walcom™ guns: Slim, Slim Xlight, Slim Kombat, Topline Genesi, EGO and can be fitted to most leading brands of spray guns.
Threads Inlet 1/4″ – Outlet 1/4″, with EPDM chemically resistant membrane
Max Press. 10 Bar (145 Psi)
Temp. Range: 5-50ºC
! Do not insert or clean the membrane regulator in spray gun washers.