The first carbon fiber spray gun in the market, the lightest ever, exceptional transfer efficiency and an atomizing quality that challenges any competitor. A revolution in the industry. An aluminum core with a carbon fiber body, the most advanced and sophisticated performance composite material. Italian design, beauty & performance at its best!

After the revolution in the spray gun world marked by the advent of Genesi Carbonio, Walcom® today presents a higher performing, more efficient and easy to handle version: Genesi Carbonio 360 Light. Unchanged in its key features at the design and project, Genesi Carbonio 360 Light combines all the benefits related to the use of carbon fiber, forged aluminum and stainless steel, with new technologies and solutions that enrich its value and functionality:

- Nano surface treatment, makes carbon fiber less porous and easier to clean
- Anodized “anticorodal” aluminum aircap,  allows more precise machining
- DGT PRO air regulator, creates homogeneous air flow allowing easier and more accurate adjustability
- FTA (fast turning aircap) system, screwing and unscrewing of the aircap ring in just one turn
- Lighter weight, only 340 grams, lighter and easier to handle

Genesi Carbonio 360 Light, is a further step forward in terms of performance, atomisation, transfer efficiency and ease of maintenance. Tested, appreciated and approved by all the main technical centers of paint manufacturers.

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HTE CLEAR - Ideal for clear coat application MS-HS UHS
We developed a new specific version for improved transfer efficiency and higher quality results, HTE CLEAR with the HA-high atomisation air cap that allows to achieve exceptional results, an amazing fan pattern and perfect, even paint distribution with really low orange peel effect. The wide and precise range of paint control regulation allows each painter to find the best setting for their personal application and spraying style.

New MP Clear Aircap and Set-up kits now available
Developed for a higher gloss custom finish Off-the-Gun.

HTE BASE - Ideal for solvent and waterborne materials

Italian engineered HTE BASE with HP-High Paint layout air cap, providing precise atomisation, distribution, orientation and flow of pigments, dyes, metals and pearls. A 12 hole atomising  nozzle and cap combination, precise and wide range of adjustments for fan, air and paint flow, these are details that makes this an Italian made masterpiece, perfect for laying down flawless coats of todays most demanding base coats and colours.  Definitely a must for any refinish or custom painting professional applying high quality base coats, candy paints and other high-impact performance coatings.


Carbon fiber with Nano coating technology injected over a lightweight forged aluminum skeleton body.

Carbon Graphite atomisation

Atomisation, with the new anodized "anticorodal" carbon & aluminum cap, designed specifically for a targeted, fine and precise application


Digital gauge high precision, carbon fiber housing. Quick release automatic coupler, practical and fast connection and disconnection

340 grams, the lightest finishing spray gun on the market

Hi-tech equipment for body, air cap, nozzle, guarantee unachievable spraying and atomising with performance transfer efficiency over 70%

2x different HTE models designed to meet every professional painters needs and application preferences.


Alloy core, the charm of Carbon Fibre, the ergonomics and sophisticated shape, the attention to details. 100% made and engineered in Italy

East clean Nano Surface Treatment and resistant to paints, thinners, strippers and gun washes