360 EVO

Unleash the Power of Performance: The 360 EVO CARBONIO spray gun is engineered to deliver unparalleled handling and performance, making every painting task a breeze. Customers can expect smooth, precise, and consistent results, elevating their painting skills and inspiring their creativity.

Unmatched Performance: Experience painting perfection with the 360 EVO CARBONIO's unrivaled performance. Achieve flawless finishes with ease, as the combination of carbon fiber and the nano protective coating optimizes airflow, resulting in smooth, consistent application every time.

Nano Protective Coating: Unparalleled in its innovation, the EVO boasts a state-of-the-art nano protective coating, meticulously engineered to shield the gun from wear, scratches, and other damages. But that's not all – the nano coating also makes cleaning the EVO a breeze. Paint residue and debris easily clean off the smooth surface, ensuring minimal downtime between painting sessions.

Revolutionary Integrated Airflow Regulator: Say goodbye to traditional spray guns with cumbersome regulators that hinder your performance. The EVO  comes equipped with a cutting-edge integrated airflow regulator that empowers painters to adjust airflow effortlessly, allowing them to customise their techniques and achieve professional-grade finishes.

Quick-Release Digital Gauge: With the 360 EVO CARBONIO, we've taken convenience to a new level. Our quick-release digital gauge grants painters precise control over pressure settings, minimising setup time and maximising productivity. It's a game-changer that sets EVO apart from other spray guns on the market.

Lightweight and Unobtrusive Design: Weighing in at a mere 340 grams, the EVO is incredibly lightweight, allowing painters to work with ease and reduced fatigue. Unlike other bulky spray guns, our design ensures that nothing stands in the way of creativity and a flawless painting experience.

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EVO SPRAY GUN - In the box!

Welcome to the realm of clear coating perfection with the revolutionary EVO Clear Spray Gun. Equipped with High Atomisation & Low Overspray technology, this cutting-edge tool guarantees flawless OEM results. Say goodbye to challenges with MS, HS, and UHS clears as the wide fan pattern and even paint distribution make clear coating effortless. Take complete control of your artistry with the precise paint control regulation, customising settings to suit your spraying style and achieving unparalleled excellence in record time. Elevate your craftsmanship to new heights with ease and precision, as the 360 EVO Clear delivers outstanding, professional-grade finishes that will leave a lasting impression on any project.


MP AIR CAP - Off The Gun
Unleash your artistry with the MP air cap - the ideal option for those seeking beyond an ordinary OEM clear coat finish. Tailored for show car and custom painters, this state-of-the-art tool delivers high-gloss, glass-like results. Elevate your work effortlessly and experience the extraordinary. Embrace the brilliance of High-Gloss, Off The Gun with the MP aircap.

EVO SPRAY GUN - In the box!

Discover the pinnacle of coating perfection with Italian-engineered EVO BASE, ideal for solvent and waterborne materials. Featuring High Atomisation & Low Overspray technology, it ensures precise pigment distribution and flow. The 12-hole atomising nozzle and cap combination offer unmatched precision, while the innovative technology reduces waste and overspray, enhancing eco-friendliness. With customizable fan, air, and paint flow adjustments, this Italian masterpiece delivers flawless coats of demanding base coats and colors. A must-have for professionals in refinish or custom painting, providing high-quality results and sustainability. Elevate your artistry with EVO BASE and embrace the future of coating technology.

EVO SPRAY GUN - In the box!

For those seeking the ultimate HVLP spray gun experience, look no further. Our cutting-edge spray gun, crafted with precision and finesse in the finest Italian engineering tradition, is designed to exceed your expectations. With a sleek carbon fibre body, this spray gun not only impresses with its elegance but also ensures unparalleled durability. Its integrated regulator and digital gauge empower you with precise control, allowing you to achieve the perfect settings for your projects. Whether you work with waterborne or solvent-based coatings and clear coats, our professional EVO HVLP spray gun guarantees flawless results that will leave you in awe.

EVO SPRAY GUN - In the box!

The EVO GEO, an innovative spray gun that combines the reliability of traditional HVLP technology with Walcom's renowned dual atomizing GEO nozzle system. This cutting-edge system features six pre-atomizing holes that utilize air-splitting technology for impeccable product lay out.
The GEO stands out as a unique and high-performing solution, delivering exceptional results with both Waterborne and solvent paints. With its revolutionary nozzle design, you can expect unparalleled performance and efficiency in your painting projects.
Experience the next level of HVLP precision and effectiveness with GEO – the perfect blend of traditional HVLP and groundbreaking advancements in spray technology.



Carbon fiber with Nano coating technology injected over a lightweight forged aluminum skeleton body.

Carbon Graphite atomisation

Atomisation, with the new anodized "anticorodal" carbon & aluminum cap, designed specifically for a targeted, fine and precise application


Internal design moves it out of your way and reduces weight. With quick release Digital Guage connector.