EVO 360 MASK - TH3 Clean Breathing

The 360 EVO Mask is the perfect companion for anyone that works in heavily polluted, smelly or even toxic environments. Protects user from organic, inorganic and acidic gases and vapours.  Highest safety class (TH3) respiratory protection from fumes, gas, smoke, aerosols, and dust.  Integrated, automatic air flow control and calibration. ATEX Zone 2 and 22 certified

What is ATEX & explosive atmospheres?
An explosive atmosphere is one in which materials such as gases, vapours or dusts reach a concentration which, together with air or oxygen, can trigger an explosion.
Natural processes, industrial activities or human error can all cause explosive atmospheres. Explosive atmospheres mostly occur indoors, but are also found outdoors, for example in mines.

ATEX = “ATmosphere EXplosible” and refers to the safety of equipment and systems such as the 360 EVO Mask. ATEX-certified equipment and systems must be used when explosive atmospheres can occur.

Examples of explosive materials are:
⇒ Flammable gases such as methane, propane and butane
⇒ Flammable vapours such as paints, petrol, diesel, thinners and alcohol
⇒ Combustible dusts such as wood, metal and plastic dusts

99.8% Fresh cleaned air where you need it. Purified air is led directly to your mouth and nose via internal channel. Intergrated cooling vent provides forehead with an adjustable air outlet with up to 20% of the air flow onto your forehead. Pleasantly soft and no more eye irritation!

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Filtered Freedom

Clean Filtered air... ANYWHERE!

Ultimate Filtration

Hose free, battery operated, air breathing filtration
Practical and light (only 2 Kg)
No impediment to movement
3 speed levels
Long battery life (up to 18hrs)
Speed 1, 18 hours 240 l/min
Speed 2, 15 hours 210 l/min
Speed 3, 12 hours 170 l/min
Fast charging: 80% in 30 minutes
Large visor with 90° opening locking system

Whats in the box?
Mask & power unit, hose, leather belt & charge cord
1x Spark-arrest steel mesh
25x Pre-filters #50428/W
1x TH3P Master filter #50426/W
1x A1B1E1 Charcoal filter #50427/W
10x Visor tear offs #50430/W


Pre-filter cleans large particles and dust ORDER HERE

Master Filter

2nd Stage cleans finer particles and dust ORDER HERE

ABE1 GAS Filtration

(TH3) respiratory protection from fumes, gas, smoke, aerosols, and dust ORDER HERE