Italian design & engineered…

Manufacturing in Italy means protecting the design, know-how and ingenuity that Walcom is famous for. Since 1945 Walcom has been building quality, reliability, service, capacity, and creativity into every product and continue to see these attributes as indispensable values, values rooted in our land, values that we proudly convey each day to all those who, with their trust, know how to appreciate them.
Behind every Walcom product there is innovation, self-sacrifice and determination; there’s the determination of a company to demonstrate that sincerity and quality is worth more than a discount; there’s the pride of over 100 people working to uphold our company values and to bring you the best service and products available in our market.

Our History


After winning the Innovation awards at Automechanika Frankfurt and Madrid, our product achieved the highest honour with the “RED DOT Product Design Award”.

More than 60 countries competed and approximately 7000 products registered for this contest in 2018, the same contest that in the past years had winners like APPLE – BOSE- BMW- SAMSUNG- LG- ACER and other top-level brands.

In 2018 it was our turn, winning the award thanks to the unique and innovative content of our carbon fibre spray gun, the ergonomic design, chemical resistance, functionality and the unique emotional content invoked by this gun.


Trading as Walcom Australia, Vincent River Pty. Ltd. appointed as exclusive importer and distributor of Walcom products for Australia.


We’re not just talking about a new spray gun, with improved performance and less product consumption. We’re talking about a revolution in the paint world. Over 2 years of studies and research, to complete the most ambitious innovation process ever attempted.

A metal core, as from current technologies, over injected with the lightest, most captivating and high performance material available: CARBON FIBRE.
Focusing on all single details, including the smallest component, makes this spray gun ONE OF A KIND, a simply exciting professional tool.


The year 2006 when Walcom® presented its first version of GENESI, the finishing spray gun that would offer the bodywork world with a modern, reliable, efficient, quality and ecological way of working.
Five years later GENESI’S features allowed the Walcom® brand to further assert itself on the increasingly more difficult international bodywork market, that rewarded it as one of the worlds best spray guns in the professional range.


Release of GEO the highest performance and most efficient HVLP spray gun system on the market. The patented GEO nozzle, thanks to its particular goblet shape, meets the stringent HVLP California ecology regulation nr. 1151 SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) and guarantees a peerless level of paint atomization, exploiting the double atomization principle: the first in the 6-hole nozzle goblet, the second outside the air cap. Thus it is an HVLP spray gun that can achieve excellent finish levels with all types of new generation bodywork paints and thus recommended for water (and solvent) bases and all types of transparent.


UNI, EN & ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, which has accompanied Walmec in this journey in the compressed air world since 1996, summarised the professionalism and sincerity with which the company and its employees work each day: designing and manufacturing its products in the S. Lucia di Piave (TV) and Calcio (BG) facilities, thus offering the market a strictly MADE IN ITALY range of products.


A resourceful craftsman marked history with a painting system that is still the foundation of the rich range of Walcom products now available. With countless industry consultations, meetings, innovations and, above all, the will to grow together, Walmec has continued to pioneer and lead the refinish market for over 70 years.