Walcom Carbonio HTE Compliant Approval

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“Higher air pressure at the air cap for proper atomizing” is the latest technology and trend in the spray gun world.

Spray gun manufacturers have started to produce spray guns operating at a higher pressure at the air cap.
They have shifted away from traditional HVLP (air pressure 0,7 bar 10 psi at the air cap) to a new HTE technology. Some examples are HTE by Walcom, RP by Sata, WS by Iwata & TE by DeVilbisss.
Air pressure in this new technology is generally between 1,0 bar (14psi) up to 1,8 bar (26psi).

Why is this change happening?
Because of the development of paint products that require more pressure for atomizing properly, to apply paint at an efficient speed, to have a better layout and homogeneous (evenly atomised & dispersed) result.

Does this impact transfer efficiency?
NO, not with the high-quality spray guns that have received a compliance of transfer efficiency certificate or equivalent certified results. In the USA for example some states require proof and certificate of equivalent transfer efficiency for higher pressure spray guns. SCQAMD in South California is one of the most significant entity able to validate these types of product.

Transfer efficiency is the percentage residual amount of paint on the panel after spraying and drying: the higher the value, the lower waste of paint and lower the over spray (paint that fluctuates in the air).

Walcom CARBONIO HTE, high transfer efficiency, Base and Clear model achieved just recently the approval of SCQAMD for its transfer efficiency.
Even more importantly, feedback from independent research laboratories showed it to be the best spraygun performer for this parameter during their tests. In addition, users from all over the world are claiming that these new carbon fiber sprayguns by the Italian manufacturer Walcom are not only super light (340 g 12 oz) but above all super-efficient, excellent quality of spraying and huge saving in amount of time and paint used.

What doe all this mean?
The new HTE technology in Walcom CARBONIO spray guns tick all boxes for regulatory compliance, they atomise paints more efficiently than HVLP, and are receiving overwhelming support from painters all over the world for performance and pleasure of use. These latest developments are one of the reasons HVLP guns are no longer as popular as they once were.

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