After winning the Innovation awards at Automechanika Frankfurt and Madrid, our product achieved the highest honour with the "RED DOT Product Design Award"

More than 60 countries competed and approximately 7000 products registered for this contest in 2018, the same contest that in the past years had winners like APPLE - BOSE- BMW- SAMSUNG- LG- ACER and other top-level brands.

In 2018 it was our turn, winning the award thanks to the unique and innovative content of our carbon fibre spray gun, the ergonomic design, chemical resistance, functionality and the unique emotional content invoked by this gun.

The first carbon spray gun & the lightest on the market

  • Body

    Forged alloy core processed on 5-axis CNC, over injected with the lightest, most captivating and high performance material available: CARBON FIBRE. An awsome combination of resistance, reliablilty and light weight.

  • Weight & Precision

    360g, the lightest finishing spray gun in the market. Matt galvanisied aluminium knobswith stainless steel treaded axel. Internal aluminium bush with stainless steel helicoid (self-locking thread) for high precision control and stability over time.

  • Performance

    Hi-tech combination of body and Italian engineered air cap & nozzle combination guarantee an unbeleivable spraying and atomizing performance with a transfer efficiency of over 70%



Italian engineered for precision, high performance and transfer efficiency with guns and prices that are affordable for any user.

360 GEO
The ultimate in transfer efficiency to save your paint shop thousands of dollars.

360 H.T.E.
BaseFor perfect application of even the most demanding waterborne base coats. The perfect blend of speed, atomisation and transfer efficiency.

360 H.T.E. Clear
For perfect Clearcoat application with fast effortless results. Perfect atomisation and unmatched clear finishes.

360 HVLP
For perfect reproduction of OEM finishes with super high transfer efficiency. Can be used with basecoats and clear coats.

Slim H.T.E.
Walcom Slim H.T.E is the perfect entry level Spray Gun. Italian Engineered for precise high performance and transfer efficiency at a price that’s affordable for any user.

The Walcom SLIM HVLP is the most efficient primer gun ever made. Perfect application of any primer will save you hours in preparation time, and excellent transfer efficiency to save you material.

EGO Touchup
The EGO Touch-Up Spray gun is designed for bodywork touch-ups and professional painting of smaller items. EGO springs from the Genesi experience, the same concept, nature, materials, processing precision, level of atomisation and design.

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